Angel Arias
Fresno | Michefest Festival
April 24, 2023

Last Saturday, August 19th, Fresno, California witnessed the kick-off of MICHEFEST 2023, the first traveling Mexican music festival where the attending audience savored every moment.

One of the headlining acts, Los Tigres del Norte, delivered hit after hit, including classics like “La Puerta Negra,” “Golpes en el Corazón,” and, of course, “América,” a song that sent shivers down the audience’s spine. Los Tucanes de Tijuana followed suit, performing their timeless tunes like “El Tucanazo” and “La Chona,” creating immense excitement among the attendees who couldn’t resist singing along and dancing to every beat. Banda Los Sebastianes had their fans singing along to their infectious lyrics, while Los Alameños de la Sierra, in their traditional style, brought a “beer rain” with “El Sinaloense” to the tune of the accordion. Banda Zeta, Janeth Valenzuela, Tapy Quintero, Los Cuervitos de la H, and El Hijo del Shaka were no exception, spreading their energy and talent to everyone.

Without a doubt, MICHEFEST in Fresno was an occasion to revel in, a moment lived to the fullest. It reaffirmed the power of music and the camaraderie it fosters. Thank you, Fresno, for being part of this remarkable journey!

It’s worth noting that each date of MICHEFEST 2023 boasts a unique lineup of artists, ensuring that every experience is truly unforgettable throughout the remaining 9 dates, taking place in 9 different cities across the United States. The next stop is Denver, Colorado, on September 23rd. SEE YOU THERE!